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Currex EdgePro High Insoles Summer 2019

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Our currexSole EDGEPRO ski insoles are the perfect answer to 100’s of ski boot fitting problems. They do this by guiding and accommodating the foot within the boot, giving better pressure distribution. This has a positive effect on the entire kinetic chain and thus reduces strain on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back as you ski. Our currexSole EDGEPRO ski insoles will help you with your balance, enable you to transfer your weight more smoothly and provide instant improved control over your ski. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert – currexSole EDGEPRO insoles will help to make uncomfortable boots a thing of the past. The high profile EDGEPRO Insoles are suitable for feet with a high arch profile.

Why Currex soles:

currexSole insoles are the only insoles designed solely for sport.
currexSole insoles are available in different arch profiles: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW.
currexSole have a patented 3DAC (dynamic arch cradle) to match your particular foot type.
currexSole use top quality PORON – the no1 shock absorbing material.
currexSole insoles enhance the features of your sports shoes.
currexSole insoles improve the function of your body’s own shock absorption system.
currexSole insoles reduce moisture and odors.
currexSole insoles are easy to fit – simply TRIM TO FIT.

Outstanding technical features:

1 Ergonomic heel cup 
For a better fit inside the shoe.

2 Triple layers for optimum insulation
Warm feet and fewer blisters thanks to the specially developed mid-layer system.

3 3D DAT for natural foot guidance
Semi-dynamic arch technology made from black Nylon 6 composite.

4 Noticeable stress relief thanks to the memory effect
Low rebounds made from PORON bed-in the ball of the foot.

5 Sensitive PORON cushion 
Slow rebound PORO beds in the heel..

Weight: 32g (1.1oz)

currexSole EDGEPRO insoles are suitable for:

Traditional walking boots
Combat boots