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Lupine Headlamp Wilma RX 7 3200 Lumens

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Short description

The Wilma changes everything. With 3200 lumens you really realize every stone on your way, even at the fastest movements and most difficult situations. No matter how extreme your activity may be - the Wilma helmet lamp makes it possible.

Delivery content: Lamp head Wilma R, Bluetooth remote, Remote mount, 6.9 Ah SmartCore battery, Headband, 120 cm extension cord, Wiesel charger, Pouch M, Manual

A new lamp
We have redesigned our proven Wilma completely. The high-quality aluminum body is now even more robust, more beautiful and above all more functional.
More cooling fins, more accessories, new quick release for mounting on bars and a helmet holder, which perfectly balances the weight on your head - this and more makes the current generation of Wilma to your perfect companion for the night.


A new night
What have you ever been wanted to do at night? The Wilma makes it possible. Incredible 3200 lumens, which is brighter than conventional car headlights.
So much power and a perfectly balanced luminous image allow you to do every activity at night, no matter how extreme or difficult it is. Whether you make the run of your life while skiing or want to go to your limits on a mountain bike. The light of Wilma doesn´t know a limit.


The full control - with bluetooth
There are situations where you want to take your hand to the head - but you need not.
With the newly integrated Bluetooth module, you control the Wilma no longer exclusively via the button directly on the lamp head, but now also via remote control or free mobile app.


All Wilma models are supplied with a SmartCore battery. The indicator shows you the remaining capacity at the push of a button. To meet your demands, two different battery sizes are available.
Wilma RX 7 : 6.6Ah SmartCore Battery


Individually Adjustable
By the Wilma lamp head you are 10 different dimming levels and numerous additional functions such as SOS, FLASH, RVLR or the alpine emergency signal available.
With a single keystroke you switch between levels, you can check the remaining battery life or combine up to 4 light levels in any order and create your very own light program.
More information on how to adjust the dim levels can be found inside the manual.


With the Wilma R you have more than just a headlamp. You own a single lamp head for any situation.
You´re transforming it from a headlamp to a helmet lamp, or attaching it to your handlebar via quick release in a few minutes. Our individual holding systems offer you the right attachement for each of your activities.


FL1 Standard
The FL1 Standard is a newly set standard to compare the specifications of flashlights by different manufacturers.

Weight: 430g 
Charge Time: 5:30h 

Runtime at 28 W / 3200 Lumens: 1:45 Hour 
Runtime at 23 W / 2700 Lumens: 2:00 Hours 
Runtime at 19 W / 2300 Lumens: 2:30 Hours 
Runtime at 14 W / 1800 Lumens: 3:20 Hours 
Runtime at 10 W / 1350 Lumens: 4:45 Hours 
Runtime at 7 W / 1000 Lumens: 6:45 Hours 
Runtime at 5 W / 750 Lumens: 9:30 Hours 
Runtime at 3 W / 450 Lumens: 16:00 Hours 
Runtime at 1.5 W / 225 Lumens: 31:00 Hours 
Runtime at 0.3 W / 45 Lumens: 150:00 Hours 


Lamphead: Wilma 3200 Lumens - 28W:

Bluetooth Technology: Yes
Bluetooth Remote: Yes
Dimmlevels: 10 steps from 0.3W (45 Lumens) to 28W (3200 Lumens)
Special modes: Flash, SOS, Alpine emergency signal, RVLR
Material: CNC-machined, Aluminium 6061-T6, Shot-peened, Hard-anodized
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: (ØxL) 50 x 50mm
Protection class: IP 68 (waterproofness ), IK 09 (impact strength)
Lens: 26° Optics ( Collimated Lens Technology)
Illuminant: 4 x Cree XM-L2 U4
LED-Board: Copper
Colour temperature: 6000K (5% tolerance)
Microprocessor: 14-Bit RISC ( 4 x PLL)
Converter phase: 50KHz
Corespeed: 32MHz
Conducting path structure: smaller 0.3 mm
Temperature control: active
Ambient temperature - 25°C to + 70°C
LED Indicator: 5 x RGB LED Osram
LED Backlight: 2 x RGB LED Avago
Voltage indictor: by RGB LED
Low-Battery warning lamphead: by backlight
Discharged capacity: by RGB LED
Reservetank: depending on battery and type of use
Candlelight function: 0.3W
Connection cable: ULT - Ultra Low Temerature (- 40 to + 80°C)


Hardcase & SmartCore Battery: SmartCore 6.9 Ah

Material: Casing polyamide, layer polyurethane
Battery 7.2V 6.9Ah 
Watt hours: 48Wh
Weight: 240g 
Proper for: all Lupine Lampheads
Protection class: IP 68 (waterproofness ), IK 09 (impact strength)
Cell type: LG MJ1186150
Highcurrent: 6C 
Smartcore technology: Advanced battery management
Lexan-Touchpad with 5 Hyper Red LEDs
Capacity indicator: 10% steps via 5 Hyper Red LEDs
Rearlight-Function - Yes
Running Light-Function - Yes
Balancing function: CV (constant voltage)
Audiable signal: 60dB
Microprocessor: 14-Bit RISC
PCB: Reversible cuttoff at short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage


Charger: Wiesel:

Material - Casing polyamide
Charge current 0.1 - 1.2A 
Input voltage 100 - 240V (DC)
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Display Charging: control via 1 LED 
Compatible batteries: Lupine Li-Ion Batteries - 7.2V 
Terminals - Polarity-protected input and output
Functions: Li-Ion Charge
Microprocessor controlled: yes