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Urbane Schuhe Scarpa Mojito Bio Summer 2021

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MOJITO BIO is the first 100% biodegradable SCARPA product. In fact, the materials that compose it have been modified to make them more easily decomposable by bacteria and other natural microorganisms. Intertek's Green Leaf certification declares that, after 45 days under the controlled conditions of the ASTM D5511 standard, the percentage of biodegradation of the sole, tread and upper materials is already between 6% and 8%.
​​​​​​​Made in Asolo (Italy).




2 Years warranty!

UPPER: Made of PET yarn woven with knit technology that avoids scrap production. This the shoe was built with the most advanced technologies in the treatment of biodegradable materials. This ensures that, at the end of the decomposition process, no traces of plastic remain in the environment. The packaging is made with FSC certified papers.
LACING: Extended Lacing fastening down to the toe taken from the world of climbing, for maximum customisation and a comfortable fit.
SOLE: The Presa® Sole is made in two components. Medium density biodegradable EVA midsole for maximum stability. The outsole is made with a biodegradable compound, which includes natural rubber. It is characterized by an excellent grip and a duration comparable to synthetic rubber.

Waga 1/2 pare: 315g - Size 42

1. VEGETABLE-BASED EVA MIDSOLE medium density for maximum stability
2. BIODEGRADABLE RUBBER OUTSOLE ensures excellent grip and durability comparable to a synthetic rubber
3. OUTSOLE DESIGN: Propulsion area, Breaking area, Maximum grip area, Stability area